What I Want You To Gain From This Blog

To understand someone’s motivations is to understand them, and to understand them is to feel.

All my life I’ve been obsessed with optimizing myself in any way possible. I would read books, watch documentaries, and look at techniques of old to see what edge I could get over everyone else. It might be because I played video games which exposed to me superhumans that I aspired to be like or it might have been my natural way of thinking. Regardless, I devoted my time to this. Because all pain in this world stems from a lack of strength, be it physically, mentally, or emotionally. Perhaps this is simply for me to exercise my knowledge and understanding.

My often changing wordly aesthetic and extravagance puts some people off, alienating my goal, information, and audience from each other. Few will actually understand my underlying messages and patterns, I am not for the mediocre. I am for the greats and the overflowing voids of potential.

I suppose you could say I want you to be your best self, so that this world may suffer less, and be more interesting. I’ve never been one for needless suffering and pain. It may stem from my gentle nature and logical train of thought that leads me to this. I am not ignorant to the ways of the world nor do I not see the need for suffering. I dislike suffering that is needless, pain that conveys no benefit. Suffering stems from a lack of strength, that is what I wish to remedy. And too much suffering leads to a boring world, of which only causes more suffering. Perfection is hell without new experience.

Another thing is beauty This world has grown bleak and grey, it has lost it’s spark. Like a drunkard down on his luck, this world is simply depressing. It lacks the intense and unapologetic colours and flamboyancy of beauty, choosing concrete over victorian-mahogany. Cheap consumerism and conformity has led to a world like a cheap video game you’ve played over several times, the people like copy & pasted NPC’s. It lacks the serene fluidity of beauty, the flowing of emotion and spirit. Food for the soul is what I miss, and this I strive to return to this world. I seek a most grandiose experience in this world.

So what do I want you to gain from this blog? Everything.

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