How To Be Your Best Self

If you’re reading this then you are on a journey. A journey to achieve all your wildest dreams. This is often initialized by pain, the realization of your own inadequacies and that you are not where you want to be. Due to this, the journey is often quite painful as well. The reality of what it takes to achieve your dreams is rather depressing. No partying, hanging out with friends, or useless downtime. You will often feel alone and crestfallen, common among anyone of great success. Lack of motivation causes you to stagnate in your work, receding in your progress and returning to your old ways. This is both efficiently and spiritually troublesome. However, this is when the most personal growth happens. Introspection is how you evolve, a machine doing a self-diagnostic.

We often lose sight of the future, why we are doing what we are doing. Without clear result our minds falter, questioning this endeavor. The greatest goals take time, and time is something are minds are frugal with. This interferes with our lives, causing great distraction and pain. But exiting this void is the same as entering, we must look through time and question ourself.

Write a letter to your present self from the past, a past where you were full of curiosity and dream. Write as your childhood self, talking of the glee they have for the future. You must be vulnerable and completely open. Let down any charades, let your persona flow free with the hum of destiny. Experience and darkness corrupts us as we grow. We forget what we wished to be when we grew up, what we wanted to achieve, and who we wanted to help. Remember who you were, before the pain. Curious, happy, true, free.

Write a letter to your present self from the future, a future where you have achieved your goals up until that point. Make it sound like the person you want to be, having a personal and deeply connecting conversation with you. How would the perfect me talk? What would the perfect me talk about? What would the perfect me have achieved? These are the questions you should ask yourself whilst writing. Picture the world and reality your future self inhabits. It should glow of golden seams throughout the space, as if you are the bow strumming the golden strings of the most grandiose violin we call life. Flowing with serenity.

Have you met your perfect woman? The woman with a passion and ability that equals yours in a complimentary current of fate?

This is a mirror of your soul, conversing with you. It is personal, emotional.

You may feel sad, sad that you haven’t reached this point yet. You may feel angry, angry that you’re sitting there in mediocrity whilst your future self lies in such utopia. You may feel happy, happy at the thought of your dreams coming true.

Do this whenever you feel sad, whenever you feel as though you have lost your way. You are a soul of many, you have others to guide you, to inspire you.





Absorb these dreams with your senses.

And remember,

This is you.

Go forth unto the world.

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