How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a world where there is so much, and feeling overwhelmed is a part of life almost everyone feels at some point. It’s a learning experience, and tells you you have to do something and change something. Cliché, etc, but that’s maybe because it’s true, and you can at least try reading this to overcome that overwhelming feeling.

How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

1. Get It Off Your Chest

Cliché again because it works. When you feel overwhelmed, there is an anxious and stressed tension inside you, a pressure that has built up and is maintained inside you so long as you hold it in. Getting it off your chest or letting it out, releases this pressure and tension, at least for the time being. We’ve all had times before where we have let things off our chest and felt so much better after, where we have felt weight and pressure lifted from us. Get it off your chest – not dumping your problems onto someone else’s lap – but getting it out there, saying it and having yourself heard so that you no longer feel helpless alone to someone that can and will listen, which leads me to my next point.

2. Call Or Text A Helpline / Crisisline

If you are feeling overwhelmed or any other emotional crises (that warrants help), and if you have no one to talk to, there are texting services and phone numbers that can help.

Do not feel ashamed about reaching out, in fact it takes strength because of overcoming those repressive feelings and the guilt and shame of what others might think – but trust me, if you are in need of help, even if just someone to talk to if you are in an emotional crisis, seek that help, get that help.

The lines can connect you with other services and help depending on your situation if you need, from counselling to temporary housing or other needs (if they provide that service).

Do not be afraid to reach out, if you need that help, get it even if covered in tears.

US & Canada Kids Help Phone Ages 5-29 –

Canada Crisis Textline Ages 5-29 –

Connex Ontario –

COAST Niagara –

There are more services available but here are some, search for crisis support and phone or text lines in your area to find support you need, and do not be afraid to reach out for support.

3. Have Faith And Hope

Have faith and have hope. Have faith that things will get better and have hope for the future, even if the immediate is painful and overwhelming. Choose to have that faith and hope, choose to look within to have that faith and hope – and while it might not solve your problems immediately, it will you give the faith and hope to get through it and solve your problems – have faith and hope, we’re all going to make it.

4. Cry And Pray As Much AS You Need To, And As Much As You Can

Cry, let it out, let that pressure off your chest and out of your heart. Pray, pray to God and have faith and hope in him and his plan. Even if you do not believe in a religion, it is good to pray when you can sometimes. Prayer gives faith and hope, hope and faith in yourself and God.

Choose to have faith and hope, and trust and believe in God’s plan.

5. Make Small, Actionable Steps Towards Overcoming Your Troubles

Start to take small, actionable steps towards overcoming your feelings of being overwhelmed and maybe the source of this overwhelming emotions. Breathe, and keep breathing. Think about what you can work towards to solve your problems, one at a time.

Think about the most immediate one that is overwhelming you – is someone mistreating you, is your voice not being heard, is there something you have to say but don’t think you don’t have the strength or courage to say? – Take some time to think, breathe, and calm down for the time being to look at it.

Once you know what the or a problem is, you can start to think about steps to take towards overcoming it. Write them down if you have to, but remember that part of being overwhelmed is thinking about too many problems at the same time, instead of one step at a time. Take deep breathes and take it slow, one thing at a time, slow and steady.

Choose to have faith, have faith and hope, and maybe think about thinking about some of what I have written today.

Have faith and hope and trust and belief, we’re all going to make it.

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