Quick Ways To Be More Productive

1. Try To Read Articles That Aren’t Filled With Fluff

There’s a lot of written content? out there filled with a lot of fluff, usually because the person doesn’t know what theyre writing about and fills it in with fluff. Some of my previous articles I would say have fluff compared to now, so you should take the responsibility when reading and researching to navigate a good and productive article vs one written by a writer and not someone writing as a hobby or to help people. You’d be surprised how many articles are written by someone paid to write them without much understanding in that field/topic.

2. Jump Out Of Bed In The Morning

Make the decision to jump out of bed when you wake up instead of going on your phone in bed (like I am right now).

We usually spend several minutes laying when we first wake up or try to “sleep” for a few minutes.

Decide to just get out of bed, even if you go on your phone after and you will be much more closer to doing what you intend to.

3. Have Intention

Have the intention to do what you intend and want to or need to do.

Just as with getting out of bed, have intention about what you want to do, not laying around for several minutes you could be writing or researching (like I am right now lol).

Have intent to do something and you will follow it, you are in control, not your mind, YOU.

4. Be Decicive 

Make the decision to, just like having the intention to.

Make the decision to focus, not “I’m gonna try to focus” or “I’m gonna work right now”. No. “I am going to work right now”, “I am going to do this right now”, not “gonna”, but “I am” and “going to”.

Think about writing an essay the night before it’s due in school. I think most have that have had an experience like this, where they write a whole essay or something due the night before after putting it off and being unable to focus on it.

Think of the decisiveness and intention you had with that essay or project, and how you managed to do it because of that.

Make the decision to, not “trying to”.

5. Take Notes

Take. Notes. All. The. Time.

Your mind can’t store all the information you read, hear, see, or think in a day – but you can write it on paper.

Write stuff down, it will not only help you remember it better but also provides a quick and easy way to access that information in the future.

Writing notes and reading notes also increases your momentum and improves your focus, making you more prodtuctige.

6. Get A Whiteboard And Break Down Your To-Do

Not having a clear idea of what you want to or need to do is a good way to be unproductive and overwhelmed.

Get a whiteboard or piece of paper and break down your to-do list each day, allowing it to be much more digestible and accomplishabke than “I need to do XYZ today!”.

“Break that boulder into pebbles, and carry it all the way.”

7. Write On Your Phone

We usually almost always have our phones on us and this gives us the efficiency to write digitally as our thoughts come to us.

If you aren’t already using notes and google docs or other writing apps on your phone, start doing so now.

Writing on your phone some ideas and thoughts plus a calming walk is great for solving problems you have.

Downloading these apps was great because now I can decide and have the intention, and no excuses to not write and just start.

8. Plan What You Want To Do

Similar with getting a whiteboard, breaking down what you want to do and being decisive about it is another great productivity booster.

Plan and decide what you want to do, so that all you have to do is follow it – the thinking is done, now it’s just the doing, half the battle has already been won?.

9. Just Do It

Just Start It.

I just decided to start, decided to just do these articles and write – and I ended up doing them and writing.

“Set your mind to it” and you will do it.

“Go and do the great work waiting inside you. Fulfill that great work residing inside you, waiting for you to just do it.”

Thank you for reading this, and I think I hope for the best for you.

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