Do The Right Thing

Always do the right thing when you can, and aim to do the right thing.

When in doubt, do the right thing, as I think I am right now.

When you do the right thing, even if things don’t turn out how you wanted it expected them to be, you still did the right thing, and that means a lot I think.

Return the things that aren’t yours, apologize when you feel and know you should apologize, apologize for things you did in the past, tell the ones you love and are thankful and grateful for that you love them and are thankful and grateful for them, do the right thing even when the other thing is tempting, among more examples.

Do the right thing, and what you feel and know to be right.

I think if you do the right things, more right things will follow.

“Treat others as you want to be treated.”

When good deed often births another good deed, and I think everyone could use more good deeds.

Do the right thing, just do it.

Do the right thing.

Thank you, love Apex of Men.

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