Your Physical Foundation Is The Secret To Your Productivity, Focus, Health, Everything

Stress, sleep, nutrition, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, socializing, & hobbies – these things are the foundation upon which your self is built. These things determine how you think, how you feel, & how you look.

These are the materials & upkeep that design you as a structure. The majority of your problems all stem from the foundation I mentioned. A proper foundation will see you have boundless confidence & drive, unbreakable confidence & resolve, unlimited energy, and the looks to boot.

These things keep you grounded & prevent you from getting trapped in your head or bedroom.

These are what your body requires, how your mind & body is supposed to function, it is proper. A flower without sunlight, good soil, & water will not bloom beautifully – and the human being is no different.

Whenever you ask yourself “how can I cure X” or “how can I do X better” always first see if you have your bases covered. It’s like skipping your character’s early levels in a video game straight to higher levels that take a lot of effort to get, or trying to fight enemies way above your level. 9/10 illnesses or insufficiencies are easily prevented & fixed by having your proper foundation.

You aren’t meant to be cooped up inside all day or eat nutrient void garbage. You’re meant to traverse the lands & conquer the wild, mean to eat fresh produce & meat.

Get your sleep, get your sunlight, your hour of exercise, your B vitamins, magnesium, everything, before you look for a specific cause or cure for your problems.

“The simplest solutions often have the greatest effects.”

A structure built on shaky foundation will not last, nor can you build the next story of a sky scraper without the previous.

Your 110% is achieved from your foundation.

Everything is merely an equation…

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