Figure Out What You Want And Then Get After It

Figure out what you want in this life and get after it.

Stop wasting time and dilly-dallying.

Once you figure out what you want then you can start attaining it and moving towards it – when you don’t know what you want, how can you expect to get it or even know what to do to even start?

So start with figuring out what you want.

Get a piece of paper, and think really deeply and really hardly, think about to your dreams when you were younger.

It can get pretty overwhelming, but keep going and push through to find the answer no matter how bad it hurts.

Better late than never to start chasing your dreams as they often say.

Find what is fulfilling to you and try to start to do it.

A friend once said something along the lines of “Find what you would do for free, and do that for a living” or something like that.

We all have things we want to do and have maybe even, so go out and attain them.

It is yours for the taking if you truly want it, reach out with your hands and grab it, and maybe never let go, unless like a butterfly you must sometimes let it go.

Do not be afraid if yours change, if your wants and dreams change, they tend to change throughout life (9or do they?) but remember what you really want, and head towards them.

You find what you seek if you have the courage to go looking for them, so go for it.

Take that leap into it, and grab hold of what you desire, brave through it and attain the treasures you seek and actualize the dreams you have, go forth.

With courage and bravery, with righteousness and piety, go forth unto the world and grab after what you seek and keep grabbing until you finally grab hold of it and keep holding on tightly, but not too tightly you smother it, but keep a grip that it does not fly away should you forget what you went through to first attain it.

Stay strong and courageous, and keep going, keep getting back up if you get knocked down, keep your eyes on the prize and your steps on the way towards them/it, if only you knew how good things really are and how good things really could be if you got back on the road to your dreams.

Keep going, and start going.

We’re all going to make it so long as we try to make it.

Know that I love you even if that sounds weird, and that I hope I can be of help to you and everyone & anyone.

With love and I hope sincerity, Apex of Men.

Stay brave even if you think your situation hopeless, because God loves you should you accept him into your heart.

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