The Only Important Thing In Life Is What You Will Feel On Your Deathbed

The only important thing in life is what you will feel on your deathbed.

Will you feel disdain for those you have cursed for your troubles?

Will you feel childish regret & sob?

Or will you smile, and accept the warm embrace of eternal slumber after a life well lived?

This life is your own to make, no matter what. Nothing matters but this before the final & supreme judge that is Death.

I never like to dictate or tell people how to live, though I certainly often fall prey to my emotions and do, but just know it is out of what I think is best for them. Whether it’s taking care of your health, dropping a partner that isn’t the best for you, or whatever – always remember it’s your life. Never be ashamed of what you do as long as it is true to yourself. I can say with a fair bit of certainty what is best for setting you up to be your best & true self, but I am not you & thus cannot make your decisions for you.

To me, experiencing the infinite of the imagination & the limitless possible experiences via books, comics, video games, etc is fulfilling. Without them I never would have realized that the only limitator in life is imagination & willpower. Many will call these things childish or waste of time and in their eyes they are correct. But I know that I would be unfulfilled otherwise. Some will say that you should aim to be the richest man in the world, others that you should live peacefully in a life of modesty. Both are correct. All these opinions & voices are just data for you to figure out your life. I will say & write about what I believe is best for most people, although often blinded by bias & emotion. But just remember, mine is just another opinion for you to review & remind yourself what you seek at the end of the tunnel.

Always do what you feel is best for you, but also always remember to not be blinded by the heat of the moment or ‘bad’ habits.

Don’t let your emotions or your logic take control.

Feel it in your soul.

Always remember that the universe is centered around you.

So what will you feel on your deathbed?

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