More Ways To Be More Productive

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1. Work On Your Phone Instead Of Your Computer

If you can’t sit down anywhere and work or write on your phone, how can you expect yourself to be able to work productively on your computer?

Practice working from your phone instead of your computer, like how I’m writing this on my phone instead of my computer.

It’s easier to be distracted on your computer when it has a bigger and much enhancing screen, and probably games and other things that arar easy to engage in – but not your phone with its small screen and small keyboard.

It’s easier to focus on something on your phone if you’re used to get distracted on your computer.

2. Work and Concentrate Without Caffeine or Suppelements

How can you expect to be productive and focus if you “need” supplements or caffeine to be “productive” or “focus”?

Don’t tell yourself you need these things to be productive and focus.

Simply just don’t need them.

Just make the decision and intention to work without them and you will work.

The more you do this the better you will work, and the better you can work while using them – just think back to when you first had these supplements or caffeine and why you started using them (because of how productive they originally made you).

Do the work without help so that you can work without help, and that that help will be a lot more when you do you use it.

3. Delete Games And Apps You Don’t Use

Most people only play one or two, mayhe even three games at a time (I.e. a week), so uninstall the rest off of your pc in the meantime.

Want to play them? You’re going to wait to install them, which in the meantime you can use to focus.

Want to focus but also want to play a game? Uninstall the games so you don’t have that shiny icon tempting you.

You can’t play what’s uninstalled, and the less icons there are to tempt you and the less likely you are to be tempted or distracted.

4. Store Art & Collectibles That Motivate You, But Distract You

Posters and other artwork or collectibles that make a room more lively are great for motivation and livening up a place, but at the same time they offer more distractions.

There’s a trope of working well in coffee shops, libraries, at a park, gaming cafe, or other places that offer a comfortable environment, but at the same time a professional environment.

This kind of environment gives you motivation to work, without the ability to relax like you would in your own room or home.

Make your room your room with your tastes, but with a sort of professionalism about it so that you want to work and can work, similar to a home office or using your room only for sleeping – make your room for what you want to do it and be in it.

5. Take Breaks Regularly 

Take breaks regularly and often. A great way to be more productive is when to take breaks and actually taking breaks. A good way is planning breaks ahead of time, unless maybe you’re really in the zone.

Spacing breaks throughout your day can help make you more calm and therefore better able to think, as well as giving your brain and mind a chance to recharge so you can focus better and have more mental clarity.

Walks are great, even if just around the street or around your house.

Go and find some flowers to smell or brew some tea, the aromas calming sensual.

Sitting down and remembering why you’re trying to be productive is also a good rest to have, and gives you some motivation when you come back.

6. Figure Out What You’re Trying To Do 

How can you expect to be productive when you don’t even know what you’re doing?

Break down what you’re doing into more manageable steps and targets.

Get that clarity and you will begin to work, you will start to find what to write or do.

7. Get A Dreamboard

Get a white board (or piece of paper) and write down what you want to do.

Related to above, have that clarity and motivation next to you as a reminder and brain-fog clearer.

“The clearer your tasks, the clearer what it is you need to do.”

8. Set Goals And Targets, But Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Set goals and targets that are reachable but not overwhelming.

Figure out what you want to do in how long and by when, and you will find a lot more mental clarity and energy.

It’s important that the goals and targets push you but don’t overwhelm you, and don’t overwhelm you but push you enough.

Do these and hopefully you should be more productive. 

Thank you for reading this, thank you!

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