How To Get A Better Jawline

The Jawline is likely the top symbol of an alpha male, someone fit and making it in life. It shows you are healthy, having low amounts of bodyfat and exercising. Most that have jawlines are also go-getters, making it in life. If you’re reading this then you are certainly on your way. Warriors read and improve themselves. Continue this lifestyle and you will achieve your wildest dreams.

An Overview of The Jawline

In the sense of the jawline, we will only be looking at the jawline itself rather than other facial features such as cheeks and cheek bones. The jawline is in reference to the L horizon of the jaw. Biologically and subconsciously, it plays a big role in attraction. Several studies have shown women find it more attractive, likely due to it symbolizing good genes & survivability traits. It won’t make you a playboy, but it will make you look and feel better.



Bloating is a major cause of a poor jawline. When your cheeks and face become bloated, they hide the jawline. Bad reactions to foods can cause bloating, especially grain and carbohydrates. Dehydration is likely the biggest cause. When you don’t have a good intake of water, your body and cells go into dehydration mode, holding onto the water and bloating. These effects are especially pertinent if you take creatine as you increase the amount of water you need to ingest. If you have allergies, try vacuuming your house and making changes to your diet.


This won’t actually make your jawline physically better, but beard stubble gives the illusion of a better jawline. Skip the shave every couple days and see how you look. Visible facial hair is also a sign of good health and masculinity.


This will see you greatest results. Facial features really comes down to fat content, adding another benefit to regular exercise. Aim for 8-12% body-fat (basically 6-pack). Intermittent fasting, good sleep, exercise, and just generally being healthy will achieve this.



Native Americans are well known for having amazing jawlines. It seemed it was ingrained into their DNA. The truth however is part of their diet & lifestyle. Just like people do now, Native Americans chewed gum, only their gum was made of tree resin. Spruce, Cedar, and Pine resin is much harder than gum, making it a killer jaw exercise.


Another reason Indigenous peoples had such good jawlines was that they consumed large amounts of game meats, which are especially chewy. This works the facial muscles like you would not believe. In addition to the nutrients, eating more meat like pork or beef will see you having improvements in your jawline in a couple weeks.


Mewing is a relatively new method/theory from Doctor Mike Mew, a dentist. Also called orthotropics, it refers to proper tongue posture in the mouth. Comfortably clench your teeth together and place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Now, the results will vary and is best done before the age of 18 however you can see benefits at all ages. I will be writing an entire article on it due to it’s benefits and potential but in the meantime if you wish to know more there are plenty of videos on youtube.


Smiling works almost the entire face, especially the cheeks. Smiling more will help give your face more definition and make you happier. People have also been shown to like those who smile more. Smile in public and at home, smile as intensely as you can while keeping your mouth closed for a couple minutes.


Now this will be the only targeted jawline exercise as most on the internet will work facial muscles you don’t want and can damage the jaw joints.

Point your chin vertically towards the roof until you can’t anymore. Now urch your chin/jaw forward and back slowly. If you feel a creaking or pain in your jaw, hold the position for as long as you can instead. Do this for a few minutes every night and you’ll see very good improvements in a couple of weeks

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