If you want to truly upgrade & take yourself to the next level, these advanced programs are for you. These aren’t just for getting a 6-pack or being able to focus or increasing your IQ to 140. 

These files are for completely transcending human limits & evolving into a superior being. This is how you become a world class athlete or chess grandmaster – a real life super hero with super soldier capabilities.

These files use the latest in science, medicine, & technology, and go even beyond that with revolutionary ideas & methods developed by me and even utilized by the government & DARPA. They are my handwritten notes, databases of every breakthrough conceived by scientists from around the world & myself, these notes also utilize the secrets used by historical heroic figures & civilizations.

Ape-X T

Ape-X T is a culmination of all my research into androgen & androgen receptors. Get the androgenic & anabolic action of steroids without actually taking them. Get an 8-pack Greek Statue physique naturally & keep it forever. It truly is the equivalent of a Captain America style experiment.

You can pre-order Ape-X T before it releases April 30th 

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