How To Remineralize Water

In recent times water has become demineralized due to the processing and and filtering of it. Water that you find in natural places, such as natural mineral water, contain significant amounts of both electrolytes and traces minerals, especially magnesium and boron.

These minerals are of course integral to our health and functioning, and it is no surprise then that the increase in disease and poor health correlates with the decline in mineral content in food and water.

Minerals are stripped from water through the filtering process, and the water we drink does not remineralize like it did when our ancestors drank it millennium ago.

The Problem With Drinking Demineralized Water

Drinking demineralized water, especially as per the “8 cups a day of water”, is actually an issue for health. It takes electrolytes and trace minerals to digest and filter water through our body, and indeed electrolytes and trace minerals are lost through urine.

Hydration isn’t just about just about water but about the electrolytes and trace minerals alongside it that function in our body and causes “water” to actually hydrate us.

When you drink demineralized water as from a tap, you end up losing more minerals through urine than the water gave you in the first place – resulting in a net mineral loss.

The of demineralized water you drink, the more minerals you use & lose, and the less hydrated you become.

How To Remineralize Water

1. Remineralize With Minerals

The easiest, cheapest, and obvious option is to remineralize the water with remineralizing supplements.

The best remineralizing supplement is ConcenTrace, a mineral extra from Utah’s inland sea. The electrolytes and trace minerals are extracted from the natural sea water, desalinated (salt removed) and then freely added to your water or beverage to remineralize it and get it closer to a natural state you would drink in the wild.

ConcenTrace’ Supplement Facts

ConcenTrace –

2. Drink Natural Mineral Water

On the other hand, a naturally sourced mineral water such as Fiji or Gerrelsteiner is an even better choice albeit more expensive.

Water from mineral springs has long been known for it’s healing and rejuvenating benefits, though we all sort of inherently “know” that “mineral water” is better for us than regular water – which is interesting to think about, considering how we don’t think about water really other than that.

Natural mineral water comes from mineral springs, which are springs that contain significant amounts of minerals, hence the name. Mineral water or remineralized water is essential for health and the one thing to implement that might just give you the edge or improvement you need. There are other great mineral waters if you search online, but these two are good choices if you can find them.

Gerolsteiner –

Fiji –

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